A note on Classic Cameras

The cost of repairing a Classic or Vintage Camera can occasionally exceed the actual monetary value of the camera. Every vintage camera has a back story and that intrinsic value will often be the deciding factor when considering the cost of repair.  Restoration of a classic camera is often not practical and rarely an actual restoration, as the OEM parts are no longer available and costly replicas of exterior cosmetic parts are often needed to complete the "look" of a camera fresh off the factory shelf.  Although many classic cameras are an elegant blend of design and function and are beautiful to look at, they are still, after all, tools meant to be taken off the shelf and pressed into service. Our goal is to get that old camera back into the service it was designed for at a reasonable cost. Of course "reasonable cost" is open to interpretation so free estimates are available.

Phototronic is not responsible for images, film, tape or memory cards purposely or inadvertently left with equipment.


Parts Policy

Please Note


Unlike most repair shops that process repairs in a chronological order, I repair equipment on an as needed basis, thus avoiding completed equipment  sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up, while needed equipment goes un-repaired. Equipment is repaired in the order of correspondence rather than the order of registration. Therefore it is vitally important that the customer maintain contact with Phototronic as to the status of their repair. 

In the event additional repairs are necessary to bring the equipment to good working order, a revised estimate will be made available for consideration.

** A  note on Video Projectors

Video projectors can be cleaned as a means of preventing some possible repair issues. Scheduled preventive maintenance and cleaning can be performed on video projectors at a reasonable rate and is usually cost effective. Clogged cooling channels, burnt polarizing plates, broken or seized fans, and overheated components are often the result of ignoring general cleaning maintenance  and can lead to very costly repairs.  Also, in many cases replacement parts may have been discontinued or are not available.

Many, but not all manufacturers have discontinued selling repair parts directly to customers as well as to independent repair shops. However, if not made available directly from the manufacture, original repair parts can generally still be obtained through other sources. New, factory refurbished, and/or recycled parts may be used to complete estimated repairs. 

The availability of replacement parts can significantly delay estimated repair times.  Parts are not ordered individually unless specifically requested and prepaid to include shipping and handling costs.

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